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2010/01/04  *Clients and the way Zerksus is being misused - Plus the way matters will be handled from now on ....

2009/07/30 GPRS Data relay for DIY  Vehicle Tracking Systems

2008/10/14 Starting up a new division manufacturing re-packaged components for easy use

2006/09/18 Contracting model (to make money in your spare or full time)

2006/09/18 Updated news on the reader-controller

2006/07/25 NeoStyle Partnership (Mechanical engineers)

2006/07/25 Graphics overlay

2006/06/27 Aircraft bracket system for aerial photography by Andre Maartens

2006/06/09 More news on the Reader-Controller and RF modem

2006/05/25 Updated news on the reader-controller.

2006/05/18 General Zerksus News

2006/05/18 Overlay card nearing completion.

2006/04/05 ByteBlasterMV compatibles. First batch for South Africa

2006/04/04 Black and White video overlay card

2006/02/22 Aircraft re-wiring: A must see. Makes you realize why small planes fall out of the sky.

2006/02/16 Products Planned 2006/02/16

2006/02/13 Zerksus and 4-Sight Optronics collaboration

2006/02/12 Picture added to Display lighting page

2006/02/09 ByteBlasterMV Compatible cables

2006/02/07 Reader-Controller

2006/02/01 4 port Access Controller

2006/01/29 FPGA introduction

2006/01/16 Bergomi USB to RS422 converter

2006/01/06 Site goes live




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